About Us

JFINTV® is an edutainment production company with a clear mission. 

The mission is to produce high-quality edutainment products and services in hopes of accomplishing two specific tasks:

  1. Innovate the student education experience.
  2. Be an advocate for personal growth.


Lyrical Math is a math intervention program that uses hip-hop music as a medium to enhance basic math skill performance. Lyrical Math builds confidence and mastery for students in the subject of math.


What is JFINTV® Lyrical Math?

Lyrical Math is a research-based hip-hop math program designed to teach basic math skills through instructional hip-hop music. Lyrical Math builds student confidence and mastery of basic math skills.

What grade level is this designed for?

JFINTV® Lyrical Math covers a range of math standards from 3rd grade to 8th grade. 

What does this program offer?

Live performances, music CD's, music track tutorials, educational music video's, and a basic math curriculum.

What are the math concepts covered?

Part 1 Multiplication, Division, Multiplying Fractions, Dividing Fractions, Adding Integers, Area of 2-Dimensional Figures, Conversion of Length, Conversion of Volume, Mean Median Mode, Rational and Irrational Numbers

Part 2 Dividing Decimals, Adding Decimals, Adding Fractions, Subtracting Fractions, Coordinate Plane, Volume Formulas, Circumference, Area of a Circle, Metric System, Types of Angles. 

How would schools use this program?

Schedule a Lyrical Math performance for your students and then introduce them to our curriculum! Lyrical Math is a great resource for any student or person who needs help with mastering basic math.  

Can this be used for after-school programming?

Yes. A great resource to incorporate into any recreational facility, youth organization, or church. An added benefit to note, a certified teacher is not required to successfully implement Lyrical Math. A facilitator or two is the only requirement.

Do these teaching tools actually work?


The illustrations below represent teacher provided data by schools that have implemented the JFINTV® Lyrical Math program. Students were given a pre-test to assess their knowledge base of one or more of the math concepts covered in the Lyrical Math curriculum. They were then given a post-test directly after completion of the program to test for mastery! 

Figure 1-2.

Figure 2-2.

Figure 3. Summer Enrichment at Eastside Charter School K-8.