About Us

JFinTV® Studios is an edutainment production company with a clear mission. 

The mission is to produce high-quality edutainment products and services in hopes of accomplishing two specific tasks:

  1. Innovate the student education experience.
  2. Be an advocate for personal growth.


Lyrical Math is a math intervention program that uses hip-hop music as a medium to enhance basic math skill performance. Lyrical Math builds confidence and mastery for students in the subject of math.


What is Lyrical Math?

Lyrical Math is a research-based and data proven math program designed to teach basic math skills through instructional hip-hop music. Lyrical Math builds student confidence and mastery of basic math skills.

What grade level is this designed for?

Lyrical Math covers a range of math standards from 3rd grade to 8th grade. 

What does this program offer?

A Supplemental Math Curriculum, 19 Instructional Hip-Hop Math Tracks, Music Track Tutorials, Music Videos, Engaging Instructional Video Series, Online Academy, and Live Performances.

What are the math concepts covered?

Part 1 Multiplication, Division, Multiplying Fractions, Dividing Fractions, Adding Integers, Area of 2-Dimensional Figures, Conversion of Length, Conversion of Volume, Mean Median Mode, Rational and Irrational Numbers

Part 2 Dividing Decimals, Adding Decimals, Adding Fractions, Subtracting Fractions, Coordinate Plane, Volume Formulas, Circumference, Area of a Circle, Metric System, Types of Angles. 

How would schools use this program?

Provide the Lyrical Math Program for students who need help with mastering basic math skills.

Can this be used for after-school programming?

Yes. A great resource to incorporate into any recreational facility, youth organization, or church. An added benefit to note, with our IVS software (Instructional Video Series) a certified teacher is not required to successfully implement Lyrical Math. A facilitator or two is the only requirement.

Do these teaching tools actually work?