Lyrical Math Pt. 1 Digital

Lyrical Math Pt. 1 Digital

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Lyrical Math Pt. 1 tutoring at your fingertips!  Mrs. Finney breaks down each song and math concept on her music album. These videos will fast-track any students path to becoming a Lyrical Mathematician!  ⬇️ See sample video below ⬇️


  • Instant access
  • Powerful recall tool that will help students remember how to solve basic math problems
  • Catchy music tracks  
  • Strategically designed to increase students' mastery level for basic math concepts.


  • 530 MB of free space
  • Media Player Software Installed (iTunes recommended)


The JFINTV® Lyrical Math album is a powerful recall tool that will help students remember how to solve basic math skill problems. 14 catchy and up-to-date tracks that are great resources to have during family car rides. Listeners are able to recite and recall math facts and strategies through Hip-Hop lyrics and beats. These lyrics and beats are strategically created to increase students’ mastery level of the addressed mathematical concepts. 


  1. Multiplication
  2. Division
  3. Multiplying Fractions
  4. Dividing Fractions
  5. Adding Integers
  6. Area of 2-Dimensional Figures
  7. Conversions of Length
  8. Conversions of Volume
  9. Mean, Median, Mode
  10. Rational and Irrational Numbers

Mastering basic math skills can be a challenge, but with the Lyrical Math album from JFINTV®your child will have the tools needed to gain confidence and become more proficient in math!