Pop-Up Math Class (PA & NJ)

Pop-Up Math Class (PA & NJ)

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For Grades 4th - 8th


10 students


Our unique fun and engaging 30 min lesson comes with:

- Complimentary Lyrical Math CDs that teach 10 basic math concepts through instructional Hip-Hop music created by Mrs. Finney.

- Set of take practice problems to lock in learning

- As an added bonus your child will receive access to our Lyrical Math Track Tutorials. Here, Mrs. Finney will teach your child how to use each song on the CD to solve the math concept explained in the lyrics.

With our Pop-Up Math Class your child will have every resource required to succeed.

Math concepts taught with the music CD

  1. Multiplication
  2. Division
  3. Multiplying Fractions
  4. Dividing Fractions
  5. Adding Integers
  6. Area of 2-Dimensional Figures
  7. Conversion of Length
  8. Conversion of Volume
  9. Mean, Median and Mode
  10. Rational and Irrational Numbers


- Class will be in an outdoor location

- Students must wear a mask to class

- Students must remain on their provided mats, which will be arranged 6 feet apart